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TEST 'O Jogo Humano'
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TEST 'O Jogo Humano'

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Game theory, Grindcore practice: meet TEST’s choose-your-own album, '​O Jogo Humano'. As their name implies, TEST is all about experimentation: their new album, ​'O Jogo Humano', takes inspiration from the ​"marchinhas": a type of music common in Brazil’s street carnival which consists of various songs with non-stop percussion satirizing particular parts of society. It’s mainly a form thing, though: the songs don’t have a clear beginning or end. Also, throughout the album, there’s never-ending drumming, every now and then accompanied by guitars and vocals. Song titles are also uncommon - mostly words or sentence snippets. One good way is to think of it as Cortázar’s Hopscotch (if Cortázar did blast-beats, which he didn’t; so, TEST’s more hectic). The idea is for the album to work as an interactive game, with the listener joining words (song titles) to form phrases and come up with his/her own version of the songs, which somehow end up sounding like “real”, fully-conceived, tunes. This is even more impressive considering the band is just a duo (João [G/V] and Barata [D]).