Techno Animal 'The Brotherhood of the Bomb' LP Cover
Techno Animal 'The Brotherhood of the Bomb' 2x12" LP Forest Green + Blood Red vinyl
Relapse Records

Techno Animal 'The Brotherhood of the Bomb'

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Relapse Records is proud to announce the reissue of the highly influential Techno Animal (featuring Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, and more) & Kevin Martin (The Bug)) album, 'The Brotherhood of the Bomb'. The album, fully remastered by Broadrick, is available on LP for the first time ever!

Prior to 'The Brotherhood of the Bomb' having even been conceived, Techno Animal had already been championed/released by The Beastie Boys, collaborated with Alec Empire and the then - fledgeling Dälek, but still remained in almost total obscurity. Techno Animal had barely found an audience, yet on 'The Brotherhood of the Bomb', the duo had definitely found their sound.

The album was made by punishing studio speakers with overdriven synths through analogue hardware, and dub mixing the lot through Justin's desk, which the two fought over who could get to the parametrics fastest, to do the bassline filter sweeps. "We were both just loving tweaking the f*ck out of the tunes and going mad on the aux sends/returns" Martin comments. "It was fueled on the atonality of mutating electro acoustic found sounds, and f*cking with the stereo field as much as possible, whenever possible."

Considered too noisy for hip hop heads and too hip hop for noise heads/metal fiends at that time, Techno Animal were truly ahead of their time. Once dubbed "the future of Rock 'n' Roll!" by Alan Mcgee from Creation Records, Techno Animal helped pave the way for contemporary, explosive, cutting edge groups like Death Grips, Backxwash, and Clipping, all of whom were inspired by the U.K. duo's furious take on beats, bass and sonic weaponry, and all whom have cited 'The Brotherhood of the Bomb' as an influence and a personal favorite.