SUMAC 'Two Beasts' LP Cover
SUMAC 'Two Beasts' 12" LP Black vinyl
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SUMAC 'Two Beasts'

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For the uninitiated, 'Two Beasts' is a comprehensive document of where SUMAC was in the late fall of 2020. The song hits on all the elements that make the band unique. Bowel-loosening low end? Check. Indecipherable time signature patterns? Yup. Long, empty pauses and repetitive structures? Yessir. Mammoth grooves? You betcha. “Two Beasts” is experimental metal at its finest, 18 minutes of left turns with enough rewarding pay-offs to make it worth a close listen. The band’s newfound love of negative space and jazz-inspired arrangements counterintuitively add an element of danger to the music. If big riffage is heavy music’s best friend and quiet moments its kryptonite, then SUMAC seem to operate under the adage keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.