RITUAL 'Paper Skin' LP Cover
RITUAL 'Paper Skin' 12" LP Black vinyl
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RITUAL 'Paper Skin'

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Describing RITUAL to someone who has not experienced this band live is a difficult thing to do. In fact, that's what the band is all about: Getting lost in the moment, denying the present, saying “no” to everything. 2011 sees the band offering their new opus to the world: 'Paper Skin' reaches a new level in their development seeking distance from their rock-orientated take on hardcore, The songs do not depend so much on riffs but on a deep atmosphere that is built up by layered guitars. The outcome is more intimate than ever before and perfectly catches the mood that is evoked by the personal and even sensual lyrics. RITUAL however didn’t back down and still are as energetic, aggressive and hard as ever before and perfectly demonstrates what it means to play in a punk band.