RED FANG 'Red Fang' LP Cover
RED FANG 'Red Fang' 12" LP Black vinyl
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RED FANG 'Red Fang'

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RED FANG features four of Western America’s premier heavy metal rock and roll players in a band that’s part Big Business plow, part Blue Cheer abandon, and several parts colossal metallic Portland spastic thunder. With exes ranging from Last Of The Juanitas to Trumans Water and Facedowninshit, you sort of start to get a sense of what’s going with these dudes. Heavy, but smart, weird heavy. This is what the Onion had to say: “In place of symmetry and precision, RED FANG smears roughhewn, ragged riffs that place the band much more in the camp of Big Business (or even The Sword minus the hobbit shtick).”