MONARCH! 'Never Forever' LP Cover
MONARCH! 'Never Forever' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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MONARCH! 'Never Forever'

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With their new album 'Never Forever' France’s cult extreme doom metal band MONARCH! continue their singular style of punishing ritualistic drone doom and take it even more towards melancholic territory with their new LP. Even more ghostly, atmospheric, and haunting than its predecessor, 2014’s 'Sabbracadaver', 'Never Forever' sees MONARCH! take even more form and shape with their songwriting while still harnessing that plodding, down-tuned, and crushing low-end that has become their signature rhythmic backdrop to vocalist Emilie Bresson’s enchanting and spellbinding vocals. With the more melancholic tone and vibe of 'Never Forever', Bresson adapts her vocals in a more ethereal and delicate manner likewise, while still juxtaposing them with her otherworldly harsh shrieks.