MASTODON 'Remission' LP Cover
MASTODON 'Remission' 2x12" LP Electric Blue w/ Purple Pinwheels & Metallic Gold & Black Splatter vinyl
MASTODON 'Remission' 2x12" LP Gold Nugget vinyl
MASTODON 'Remission' 2x12" LP Purple w/ Blue Butterfly Wings & Black & Gold Splatter vinyl
Relapse Records

MASTODON 'Remission'

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MASTODON exploded onto the scene in 2002 with their debut LP 'Remission' a record that would immediately establish them as one of the most important bands in the history of heavy music. Combining an unparalleled level of musicianship together with songwriting sophistication that simply did not exist amongst their peers, were it to be initially released today 'Remission' would still be nothing short of mind-blowing. Over a decade after its release 'Remission' remains one of the most important titles in Relapse’s rich catalog, and it is with that appreciation that the label is proud to present a super-deluxe version of this classic record put together with the cooperation of the band themselves. The album has been fully remixed by original producer and engineer Matt Bayles and remastered by Ed Brooks at RFI.