HOODED MENACE / LOSS 'A View From The Rope' EP Cover
HOODED MENACE / LOSS 'A View From The Rope' 12" EP Black vinyl
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HOODED MENACE / LOSS 'A View From The Rope'

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LOSS have another split lined-up through the label, this time with the label’s most celebrated representative, HOODED MENACE. Recorded last February in their hometown of Nashville, “Depression’s Hammer” is LOSS first new material in three years, ever since their mammoth-sized ‘Despond’ album. Fear not though as during that period, they’ve lost none of their fucking touch, as proven by this crushing sounding new song even when they dare switching off their distortion and let things come almost to an halt, apart from few spectral chords and Mike Meacham’s haunted vocals. Not one to be distanced and still riding high on the excellent feedback gathered by their recent ‘Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze’, HOODED MENACE have once again delivered the (evil) gods with “Monuments”, unsurprisingly an “intensively heavy, bleak slow and long track” as described by their mainman Lasse Pyykkö, recorded in 2013 and mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer studio. One split 12 inches to behold, rounded up by Misanthropic Art’s fitting artwork. All hail the dead!