DEFTONES 'White Pony (20th Anniversary Edition - Super Deluxe Box Set)' LP Cover
DEFTONES 'White Pony (20th Anniversary Edition - Super Deluxe Box Set)' 4x12" LP Black vinyl + 2 CD
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DEFTONES 'White Pony (20th Anniversary Edition - Super Deluxe Box Set)'

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DEFTONES' beloved 2000 album 'White Pony' officially turned 20 years old, and the band is planned a special reissue to celebrate. During a virtual press conference, frontman Chino Moreno revealed that the forthcoming reissue, due out later in 2020, will be accompanied by a special remix album, titled 'Black Stallion'. "We have different remixers on it...some that actually inspired some of the writing of the record itself, the original album itself," Moreno explained. "So it's kind of come full circle." “The record’s just been mastered, and it’s fucking brilliant. It could have been a little self-indulgent — it’s a record based off another record that’s people already like, so it would be easy to fuck up. Our initial idea was to have DJ Shadow remix the whole record. “He said he would love to do a song, so he did a remix of "Digital Bath". The majority of the people we reached out to came back with excitement: ‘Oh, I love this song. Can I do this song?’ The record is sequenced exactly like ‘White Pony,’ so it kind of takes you on a journey in the same way but completely flipped upside-down.” 'White Pony', the third DEFTONES album, was released June 20, 2000. It's been certified platinum and spawned the singles "Change (In the House of Flies)" and "Digital Bath."

Deftones White Pony 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set includes:

2 Double LPs pressed on 140g black vinyl:

  • LP 1: White Pony (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) LP
  • LP 2: Black Stallion (Remix album) LP

  • 2 CDs:

  • CD 1: White Pony (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) CD
  • CD 2: Black Stallion (Remix album) CD

    • 24-Page Book which includes rare photos and notes from the band
    • 12”x12” Lithograph
    • Full album download delivered on digital release date (December 11, 2020)
    • Instant download of “Knife Prty” (Purity Ring remix) & "Passenger” (Mike Shinoda Remix)