CHVE '10910' LP Cover
CHVE '10910' 12" LP Clear vinyl
Consouling Sounds

CHVE '10910'

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CHVE, the solo output of Colin H. van Eeckhout, who is a member of Belgian post-metal band Amenra, seems to approach drone in a way that emphasizes its naturalistic rhythmic base. In this sense, '10910' is a live recording of his previous album, 'Rasa', done in one take in a single place. Armed solely with his voice, a hurdy-gurdy (an ancient string instrument that’s been sort of a favorite with experimental musicians for a while now) and a bodhrán (a small Irish frame drum that seemed to have evolved from the tambourine in the 19th century), CHVE provides an entrancing base whose raga-like qualities are undeniable, and which without any sort of modern manipulation come to stand "naturally" on their own: drone music based not so much upon the intersection of technology and Asian spirituality but on more traditionally European folk forms.