BOY HARSHER 'Country Girl Uncut' LP Cover
BOY HARSHER 'Country Girl Uncut' 12" LP Black vinyl
BOY HARSHER 'Country Girl Uncut' 12" LP Clear w/ Dark Green Splatter vinyl
BOY HARSHER 'Country Girl Uncut' 12" LP Dark Green vinyl
BOY HARSHER 'Country Girl Uncut' 12" LP Red Transparent w/ Blue Smoke vinyl
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BOY HARSHER 'Country Girl Uncut'

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BOY HARSHER's 'Country Girl Uncut' EP gets a beefed-up reissue. This 'Uncut’ version of 'Country Girl' doubles the length of the original 2017 run, adding four previously-unreleased cuts onto the original tracklist. Those original entries of sleek, nocturnal EBM-noir are given extra context by the bonus beats. "Send Me A Vision" and "Westerners" are darkwave slammers that stand up to any of the group’s best-known tunes while "Underwater" and "Swing" are ethereal electronic ballads in the Julee Cruise tradition. Following the runaway success of 2019’s 'Careful', BOY HARSHER’s 'Country Girl' gets the expanded re-issue treatment. Originally released in 2017, the EP’s length is doubled to the length of a mini-album by four previously unreleased tracks soaked in the Lynchian chill for which the group have become known. "Underwater" and "Westerners" are cold wave numbers of the highest order, all drum machines and hearty bass, while "Send Me A Vision" and "Swing" dwell further in the shadows, unwinding narrative yarns of bittersweet horror.