BLACK MATH HORSEMAN 'Black Math Horseman' EP Cover
BLACK MATH HORSEMAN 'Black Math Horseman' 12" EP Black vinyl
BLACK MATH HORSEMAN 'Black Math Horseman' 12" EP Aquatic Blue w/ Opaque Purple Marble Smoke vinyl
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BLACK MATH HORSEMAN 'Black Math Horseman'

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The return of atmospheric American doom rock band BLACK MATH HORSEMAN will see the reformed group release their Self-Titled new EP. This will be the group’s first release since 2009’s 'Wyllt' (Tee Pee Records). Helmed by vocalist/guitarist Sera Beth Timms (Black Mare, Ides Of Gemini), the return of BLACK MATH HORSEMAN sees its original lineup rounded up by Ian Barry, Bryan Tulao, and Sash Popovic deliver their most engaging material yet with their Self-Titled EP. Comprised of four chapters that seam into one, “Black Math Horseman” sees Timms and co. heightening the tension and atmosphere of their sound, creating something more experimental and ultimately heavier with their comeback release. This EP is just the beginning of what to expect with BLACK MATH HORSEMAN’s resurgence as their follow-up full-length album is currently in the works and will see its imminent release in the impending future.