BESTA 'Eterno Rancor' Cassette Tape Cover
BESTA 'Eterno Rancor' Cassette Tape Album Black
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BESTA 'Eterno Rancor'

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'Eterno Rancor' - the title is program. Featuring members of Sinistro and Redemptus, the Portuguese of BESTA are disillusioned and pissed off. They express their anger with violent eruptions and merciless blast beats. The band’s second full length feeds on pulverizing and skull fracturing punk/grindcore, raucous landscapes, and outright honesty. The quartet from Lisbon is dedicated to its extreme sound and unreservedly lives out its critical and self-determined DIY attitude. Escaping from the minds’ dark places, BESTA takes inspiration from horror movies, simple effective punk rock, raw death metal, and old-school grindcore. Imagine Bad Brains mutating alongside Napalm Death, and Looking For An Answer – extended by its own twist, which doesn’t originate from the Portuguese language of the lyrics alone. Since 2012, BESTA have not only placed nine releases in the extreme underground, but have also played countless shows with genre giants such as Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Massgrave, Deathrite, Obituary, or Eyehategod.