A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS 'Pinned' 12" LP Black vinyl
Dead Oceans


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A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS fifth full-length album, 'Pinned'. The record finds APTBS converting difficult moments into some of their most urgent work to date. It’s their first LP since the 2016 election, and their first since the 2014 closing of Death By Audio, the beloved Brooklyn DIY space where founding guitarist/singer Oliver Ackermann lived, worked and created with complete freedom. A couple of years ago, A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS made one of those big decisions Ackermann speaks of on “Never Coming Back.” They were in search of a new drummer and Lunadon met Lia Simone Braswell who was playing shows around Brooklyn where she had recently relocated from Los Angeles. After seeing her play, Lunadon was moved to ask Braswell if she’d want to come to a band practice sometime. “As things go on, you don’t want them to be stagnant,” Ackermann remarks. “Being a band for ten years, it’s hard to keep things moving forward. I see so many bands that have been around and they’re a weaker version of what they used to be. This band is anti-that. We try to push ourselves constantly, with the live shows and the recordings. We always want to get better. You’ve got to dig deep and take chances, and sometimes, I questioned that. It took really breaking through to make it work. I think we did that.” It’s a clear and honest statement of intent, not just for everything that follows, but for this band as a whole.