AMENRA / ELEANORA 'Amenra / Eleanora' EP Cover
AMENRA / ELEANORA 'Amenra / Eleanora' 10" EP Clear vinyl
Consouling Sounds

AMENRA / ELEANORA 'Amenra / Eleanora'

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After the 2011 Brethren. Bound by Blood. split series, 2014 will herald a new series of splits. Each of the split albums will present an incarnation of AMENRA, together with a sometimes surprising, but always compelling counterpart band. For the split 10″ album with ELEANORA, AMENRA is offering "À mon Âme (live)". The ELEANORA track introduces an eager young Belgian sludge/doom outfit with a truly captivating sound that’ll surely keep the audience yearning for their debut EP to be released later on in 2014.