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REDEMPTUS 'blackhearted'

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Central to REDEMPTUS' new album 'blackhearted' is the concept of catharsis through opening up: making ourselves vulnerable in order to heal, and in the process lighting the path for others to do so as well. The Portuguese band's brand of aggressive and insightful post-metal, encompassing everything from caustic sludge to hardcore punk, is strategically positioned to help with this process—the crucible of raging melodic riffs and carefully calibrated dynamics found within takes hold of the heart and squeezes tighter with every passing moment. Emphatic and punctuated, the loudest moments breakthrough via crushing repetition, while softer (relatively speaking) sections venture into luminescent melodies and post-punk stylings. As a whole, it's a narrative journey through some of the tougher emotions and situations humans can find themselves in, but the darkness never fully takes hold.