BESTA / ENGLEMAKER 'Besta / Englemaker' EP Cover
BESTA / ENGLEMAKER 'Besta / Englemaker' 7" EP Black vinyl
Raging Planet

BESTA / ENGLEMAKER 'Besta / Englemaker'

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Portugal’s BESTA are just as savage, if not more so. Their take on hardcore punk, is darker, glistening like a fresh open wound – horrifyingly suppurating and stinging. Described as “Napalm Death meets Bad Brains = Besta” this isn’t far off being wholly accurate. On the flip-side, hailing from Oslo, ENGLEMAKER are an abrasive and savage bunch and have produced 3 of the most caustic and blood-thirsty songs. The vocals switch from rapid-fire shouts of ignited fury to throaty, phlegm-filled barks. With 7 tracks and a total running time of around 12 minutes, this Split 7″ is a brief, neck-straining, hazardous encounter. The raw-aggression and rock ‘n roll destruction of Norway hitting hard into the snapping, hell-dimension grind of Portugal make for one hell of an EP.