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ZOLA JESUS 'Okovi' 12" LP Black vinyl
ZOLA JESUS 'Okovi' 12" LP Rust vinyl
ZOLA JESUS 'Okovi' 12" LP Clear & Black Splatter vinyl
Sacred Bones Records


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For over a decade, Nika Roza Danilova has been recording music as ZOLA JESUS. She’s been on Sacred Bones Records for most of that time, and 'Okovi' marks her reunion with the label. Fittingly, the 11 electronics-driven songs on 'Okovi' share musical DNA with her early work on Sacred Bones. The music was written in pure catharsis, and as a result, the sonics are heavy, dark, and exploratory. In addition to the contributions of Danilova’s longtime live bandmate Alex DeGroot, producer/musician WIFE, cellist/noise-maker Shannon Kennedy from Pedestrian Deposit, and percussionist Ted Byrnes all helped build 'Okovi' textural universe. With 'Okovi', ZOLA JESUS has crafted a profound meditation on loss and reconciliation that stands tall alongside the major works of its genre. The album speaks of tragedy with great wisdom and clarity. Its songs plumb dark depths, but they reflect light as well.