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VANUM 'Ageless Fire' 12" LP Black vinyl
VANUM 'Ageless Fire' 12" LP Cloudy Clear w/ Black Galaxy Swirl vinyl
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VANUM 'Ageless Fire'

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VANUM play elemental and majestic black metal with an unyielding force and passion, showcasing a sharply focused and dynamic sense of composition marked as much by somber patience as arrogant strength. Expanding upon the triumphant framework hinted at with 2017’s 'Burning Arrow' EP, as well as the majestic fury of 2015’s 'Realm Of Sacrifice', VANUM’s newest effort sees the band continuing to chart a path of steady ascendency and constant growth. While the album’s overt Bathory-by-way-of-Hellas inspiration is of note, 'Ageless Fire' is by no means a throwback album. The towering songs that make up the album emerged organically, and naturally reflect their heavy metal lineage as much as they also reveal the essential core of VANUM's own unique identity. This ability to interpolate influence and individual inspiration into a seamless and deeply resonant whole make 'Ageless Fire' more than simply an exercise in emulation and further cements VANUM's place as a singular band, in reverence to the past while looking defiantly towards the future. Additionally, 'Ageless Fire' is the first to feature the band’s expanded lineup. In addition to M. Rekevics and K. Morgan, the band now includes long-term live members E. Priesner and L. Sheppard. In this radiant and fully realized form, VANUM have crafted an album that builds on the muscular and triumphant nature of previous releases and expands upon it with a sense of mythic grandeur.