ULSECT 'Ulsect' LP Cover
ULSECT 'Ulsect' 12" LP White vinyl
Season Of Mist

ULSECT 'Ulsect'

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ULSECT features guitarist Joris Bonis and drummer Jasper Barendregt from Dodecahedron as well as former Textures bass-player Dennis Aarts. It therefore hardly comes as a surprise that elements of their origins have permeated into ULSECT's eponymous debut album. You will find high technical precision and prowess woven into dense dissonance and lucent atmosphere. 'Ulsect' embodies relentless post-death metal aesthetics fraught with shifting patterns and dark tonality. The primeval forces unleashed by pioneers such as Gorguts and Deathspell Omega are violently harnessed to serve a sinister musical purpose. Nightmares transformed into sonic matter.