TY SEGALL & FREEDOM BAND 'Deforming Lobes' LP Cover
TY SEGALL & FREEDOM BAND 'Deforming Lobes' 12" LP Black vinyl
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TY SEGALL & FREEDOM BAND 'Deforming Lobes'

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In 2018, TY SEGALL’s 'Freedom’s Goblin' hit with a watershed feeling. A feeling like, how much longer will rock albums like this even exist? An epic epoch double-LP that took the heroic arc of TY’s populist masterpiece 'Manipulator' and wadded it up into a much more aerodynamic (and harder-hitting) ball (or 20-sided D&D die), 'Freedom’s Goblin' was also the continued work of the FREEDOM BAND, TY’s crew of choice since 2016. Storming the world playing songs from throughout his catalog in a series of ecstatic setlists, they sought freedom for themselves and the audience, even it if was just one night of emancipation from world’s numbing chill. Then they went and did it again the next night! An all-analog production, recorded live on stage at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles by Steve Albini (via mobile unit onto two-inch tape!) and mixed with Steve in Chicago at Electrical Audio, 'Deforming Lobes' witnesses the blunt-force traumpact of The FREEDOM BAND in full effect, updating (and upending) numbers from 'Melted', 'Emotional Mugger', 'Twins', 'Manipulator', '$ingle$ 2' and 'Self-Titled'.