TURNOVER 'Myself In The Way' LP Cover
TURNOVER 'Myself In The Way' 12" LP Cream vinyl
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TURNOVER 'Myself In The Way'

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A new record from TURNOVER arrives this fall. 'Myself In The Way' is the band’s fifth full-length album, and it follows their first pause in consistent touring in almost 10 years. While the world was shut down, TURNOVER’s four bandmates spent time meditating, painting, volunteer firefighting, skateboarding, and working in state parks - deepening interests and growing roots in places they hadn’t been able to while living life on the road for so long. Over 18 months, these individual experiences acted as the soil in which 'Myself In The Way' grew into TURNOVER’s next album. Returning to Pennsylvania to track with longtime friend and producer Will Yip, vocalist & guitarist Austin Getz cites Quincy Jones, Chic, and Dark Side of the Moon as influences in the way that songs like the infectiously-rhythmic “Ain’t Love Heavy” and the trippy, disorienting “Tears of Change” feel wider, deeper and more whole than anything in the band’s catalog to date. Drummer Casey Getz’ new skills behind the drum set open up songs on 'Myself In The Way' to more improvisation and fluidity, pairing well with bassist Dan Dempsey’s infectious bass lines and Nick Rayfield’s sharpened guitar and piano playing. On 'Myself In The Way', TURNOVER’s creative vision takes center-stage in every way. The album’s cover art - a sparkling array of multicolored gems scattered across a neutral canvas - was painted during lockdown by Dempsey. For a band that has never stopped evolving, TURNOVER has always remained authentic with every release. 'Myself In The Way' is an achievement that ties new and exciting ideas in with the band’s unique artistic ambition.