TODAY IS THE DAY 'No Good To Anyone' LP Cover
TODAY IS THE DAY 'No Good To Anyone' 12" LP Gold w/ Red & Green Splatter vinyl

TODAY IS THE DAY 'No Good To Anyone'

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Real Songwriting with magical instrumentation throughout the album. There’s a sincerity and truth in the pain and heartache captured on 'No Good To Anyone' that you simply don’t hear in most protools constructed songs today. Pummeling and destructive, with grace and reckless precision, 'No Good To Anyone' tells all of its secrets to the listener. In an extremely powerful and understated way, the emotions of love and hate are cast into destruction. You realize the story you’ve been living. The audio on this album is a tale of pushing past the pain and fighting for survival. In a world of false metal, TODAY IS THE DAY and Steve Austin stand out as groundbreaking musical innovators in a world of pretenders. Utilizing a wide vocal range of attacks, Steve’s vocals on “No Good To Anyone” range anywhere from monster-like percussion to hypnotic lullaby singing. All the while electric guitars come smashing down on you like building girders. The drum and bass rhythm section performs as a killing machine, but with taste and diversity in approach. One second they’re ripping away at double kick drum onslaughts and the next minute it’s a Miles Davis rhythm interlude. Overall, this type of true real songwriting, not trying to fit in, is something that hasn’t been heard since Hendrix.