TERROR 'Keepers Of The Faith' LP Cover
TERROR 'Keepers Of The Faith' 12" LP Black vinyl
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TERROR 'Keepers Of The Faith'

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Hardcore heavyweights TERROR has announced a reissue release of their pivotal album, 'Keepers of the Faith'. “Could very well be the most important record Terror has made in our 20 years. This was more than music. It was a movement. From the art to the lyrics, to the songs, and the all-around vibe surrounding this release. It was a super special time for Terror we won’t forget,” explains TERROR vocalist Scott Vogel. “A lot has changed in 10 years but one thing that hasn’t is the life these songs and this album still have. This record brought so much energy and momentum to the band and we thank everyone who made KOTF such a special piece of Terror,” added drummer Nick Jett. 'Keepers of the Faith' was produced by Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) and recorded at Buzzbomb Studio in Orange County, CA. The record was engineered by Paul Minor (Death By Stereo) and mixed by Matt Hyde (Slayer and Hatebreed). The album is available on a 180g heavyweight vinyl and will include reworked artwork, a four-page LP-booklet with liner notes, and exclusive, never before seen photos.