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T. GOWDY 'Miracles' 12" LP Black vinyl

T. GOWDY 'Miracles'

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T. GOWDY has kept up a productive albeit mostly virtual pace since the release of 'Therapy With Colour' (his third full-length album and first for Constellation) which dropped just as things were locking down back in spring 2020: performances at numerous festivals including Mutek Montréal, Node Festival and New Now; audiovisual pieces exhibited at various European galleries and events; a track and video for Constellation’s Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series; sound design for the documentary Atalayabyfilmmaker Emma Roufs. GOWDY now returns with 'Miracles', his second full-length for Constellation, which draws on source materials originally performed in 2018 for an unreleased audio/visual project based around surveillance footage—a precursor to video-capped, monitor-based horizons that soon took on new meanings. Re-immersing himself in those recordings, GOWDY disassembles and deploys them as raw source material for new experiments with vactrols, noise gates and analog-to-digital triggering and aliasing, the original recordings juxtaposed anew amidst their successive textural and rhythmic treatments. GOWDY keeps this re-composition process stripped down, elemental and purposive, guided by an ascetic Aufhebung: synthesis as sublation—subjecting a temporal material/theme to analysis and transformation, reintegrating to form a whole that overcomes what it preserves without erasure, reshaping and intrinsically carrying its origins forward.