SPOTLIGHTS 'Love & Decay' LP Cover
SPOTLIGHTS 'Love & Decay' 2x12" LP Mauve vinyl
Ipecac Recordings

SPOTLIGHTS 'Love & Decay'

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SPOTLIGHTS, the Brooklyn-based band released 'Love & Decay' via Ipecac Recordings. SPOTLIGHTS' music is the iron tone in a velvet glove. They strike with full force, perfectly balancing the weight and sound spectrum of each instrument. And yet it's a weight that's also sublime in its beauty, with dream-like vocals encased in the mix of subharmonics. A rich and unctuous vibration that melts in your ears, nourishes your brain, and engulfs you with their warmth, like the gravity of a small planet. Sonically, the group further canvased new territory. Whether it be the hummable guitar lead peeking through trudging grooves on "Until The Bleeding Stops" or the ghostly pop chorus of "Particle Noise", they ascend to a tipping point between volumetric riffing and blissful melodies. "Xerox" bears a sense of delicate intimacy within the delivery. Meanwhile, "The Age of Decay" crescendos towards an emotionally charged harmony colored by shimmering keys and bright guitars before off-kilter riffs seesaw back-and-forth on the bridge.