SÓLSTAFIR 'Í Blóði Og Anda' LP Cover
SÓLSTAFIR 'Í Blóði Og Anda' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
Season Of Mist

SÓLSTAFIR 'Í Blóði Og Anda'

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Originally released in 2002, ‘Í Blóði Og Anda’ (meaning 'In Blood and Spirit') is the long-lost debut album from Iceland's SÓLSTAFIR. A far cry from the refined and expressive post-rock of 2011's 'Svartir Sandar', ‘Í Blóði Og Anda’ is unique and primitive black metal (in the vein of early ENSLAVED). The album went out-of-print almost immediately upon its release, and has been out of circulation ever since. Now remastered, repackaged, and including a bonus second disc full of previously unreleased material, ‘Í Blóði Og Anda’ is a definitive snapshot that exposes the earliest roots of this incredible band.