SKULL CRUSHER 'Blinded By Illusion' MLP Cover
SKULL CRUSHER 'Blinded By Illusion' 12" MLP Black w/ Blue Splatter vinyl
Reflections Records

SKULL CRUSHER 'Blinded By Illusion'

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SKULL CRUSHER combines elements of overdriven heavy rock, early thrash metal, and timeless 80's era NYHC, this volatile combination instantly provides the catalyst for a dance floor consumed with controlled rage and unified violence. With deafening vocals, hard beats, massive riffs, and chaotic solos all captured in a brutally big recording... it's like a headbanging scientist's mix of Cro-Mags, old Metallica, and Raw Deal - being played by guys that witnessed it all first hand and took extensive notes while gasping for air between mosh parts. Even though marked as an MLP, it could very well pass, in terms of hardcore as a full length with a playing time of almost 20 minutes!