REDEMPTUS 'Every Red Heart Fades To Black' LP Cover
REDEMPTUS 'Every Red Heart Fades To Black' 12" LP Black vinyl
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REDEMPTUS 'Every Red Heart Fades To Black'

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At the end of 2017, REDEMPTUS's 'Every Red Heart Fades To Black' was released, proving that this is a real working band and that it only leaves the Portuguese underground scene richer. This new release is the natural follower of the debut album, keeping the formula and betting on “more”. Denser, more obscure, more direct while also trying something more complex, more evolved. Most of all, which is what a second album from a quality band should have. From the past remains the social conscience and the lyrics filled with disgust, anger and criticism, without forgetting some hope, which are shouted in the even more versatile voice of Paulo. Musically, the base is based on a sludge that gains hardcore muscle in “Pile of Papers”, for example, a post-metal environment, groove carrying riffs that arrest us immediately – the conquest of “A Grim Reminder” is instantaneous – and spoken word that makes us travel while transmitting us an important message. There are several influences that the trio lists as essential and two that represent them well are Converge and Isis. But the name to which the music on this record best compares, resembles and associates is just one: REDEMPTUS. The band has marked and established their identity since their debut record and, with 'Every Red Heart Fades To Black', they sign one of the great Portuguese albums released within extreme music and beyond.