PETBRICK 'I' 12" LP Black & Clear vinyl
PETBRICK 'I' 12" LP Skin Colour vinyl
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PETBRICK - the duo comprising Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulwax/Mixhell) - have arrived at an audial destination whereby electronic experimentation, hardcore attitude, dystopian dread and in-the-red dementia collide and collude to form a uniquely invigorating assault, custom fit for an accelerated age. This debut explores fresh lunacy anew whereby both members’ past experience - Wayne in a variety of musical guises ranging from punk to breakcore and gabba, and Iggor in a planet-straddling metal colossus whose questing spirit played a crucial role in the music’s evolution - are both profitably employed and left obsolete by a resolutely genre-free onslaught whose spirit remains firmly in the here and now. The result is free to traverse anywhere from full-throttle intensity (as with Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker on the blistering "Radiation Facial" or Integrity’s legendary vocal exorcist Dwid Hellion on "Some Semblance Of A Story") to exhilarating melodic counterpoint (Laima Leyton (Mixhell) on "Coming") and stream-of-consciousness lunacy from Warmduscher’s Mutado Pintado, whose splenetic tirades on "Gringolicker" valiantly attempt to inhabit the increasingly unhinged persona of Donald Trump. Paint-stripping and deliriously potent, ‘I’ is more than merely an exercise in the life-affirming flame of oppositional punk spirit scorching all or any musical boundaries in its path - it’s an uncompromising soundtrack to a short-circuiting new era. Yet rarely has the sound of global malfunction also been so much fun.