PELICAN 'Australasia' LP Cover
PELICAN 'Australasia' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
PELICAN 'Australasia' 2x12" LP Orange Translucent w/ Black & Yellow Streaks vinyl
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PELICAN 'Australasia'

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PELICAN’s debut album 'Australasia', originally released in late 2003 by Hydra Head Records, is a landmark record in the shifting tides of heavy music that took place at the turn of the millennium. 20 years since its release and with several sold out represses, 'Australasia' is a proven essential for any listener exploring the bounds of rock music. Now issued as a deluxe double LP edition newly remastered for vinyl and complete with 3 never-before-released bonus songs, including a remix by James Plotkin and digital downloads of early Pelican live recordings. Artwork by Isis/Sumac/Hydra Head founder Aaron Turner.