OKKULTOKRATI 'Night Jerks' LP Cover
OKKULTOKRATI 'Night Jerks' 12" LP Black vinyl
Fysisk Format


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'Night Jerks' is the third album from the unpredictable, genre-defying OKKULTOKRATI. The time towards the album release has been marred by hardship and insecurity for guitarist and songwriter Pål Bredup, who has been struggling with an aggressive muscular disease. As a result, the synth is heavily represented on 'Night Jerks'. Also on guitar is newcomer Milton von Krogh of Pirate Love, who has recently joined the band permanently, as well as producing the album. 'Night Jerks' is a monotonous masterpiece, where chilly, modern reality gets its musical counterpoint. The result is the ultimate OKKULTOKRATI record, where the band's primal punk finds its place in a captivating beat, filled with floating guitars and rumbling synth.