NADJA 'Skin Turns To Glass' LP Cover
NADJA 'Skin Turns To Glass' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
Throne Records

NADJA 'Skin Turns To Glass'

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Originally recorded on cassette 4-track and released on limited CDR in 2003 by Nothingness Records (which became Consouling Sounds), the tracks were entirely re-recorded and released on CD in 2008 by The End Records. In 2017, for the vinyl edition, these 2008 recordings were partially re-recorded and then entirely re-mixed, re-worked, and re-edited into four side-length tracks. When NADJA comes on you feel like everything should be moving in slow motion. We can call it a soundtrack to, say, a gathering storm in the sky, electrical nebulae stunned by heavy interference, dark suns being shattered to pieces by giant hammers, swirling vertigos of dust...