MASERATI 'Pyramid Of The Sun' (Anniversary Edition) LP Cover
MASERATI 'Pyramid Of The Sun' (Anniversary Edition) 2x12" LP Purple & Magenta vinyl
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MASERATI 'Pyramid Of The Sun' (Anniversary Edition)

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Originally released in 2010, 'Pyramid Of The Sun' was MASERATI’s landmark album. It was the band’s final recording with drummer Jerry Fuchs, completed and released one year after his tragic passing. It became their defining album, and remains the keystone of MASERATI’s storied catalog. As the final piece in the celebration of MASERATI’s 20th anniversary, 'Pyramid Of The Sun' – Anniversary Edition has been repackaged, remastered from the original master tapes by Josh Bonati, and augmented with a scorching live set from the 2009 SXSW Music Conference. Also included are the side-long bonus tracks, “Pyramid of the Moon” and “Pyramid of the Moon (The Field Remix).”