LORD, THE & PETRA HADEN 'Devotional' LP Cover
LORD, THE & PETRA HADEN 'Devotional' 12" LP White vinyl
Southern Lord

LORD, THE & PETRA HADEN 'Devotional'

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'Devotional' is a new collaborative album with vocalist and violinist PETRA HADEN and Greg Anderson, who first worked with Anderson during his time in Goatsnake, as well as on the second Sunn O))) studio album, 'ØØ Void'. 'Devotional' is a rapturous and heady offering of wordless vocalizations, droning guitars, and heaviness explored in unexpected and intoxicating ways. Inspirations came from deep listening to Indian classical music, as well as a fascinating look at the chaotic and unbelievable life of Ma Anand Sheela and the Rajneesh community. Through a haze of incense, flowing robes, and secret mantras, HADEN’s voice rings out over constant drones in ecstatic chants throughout this musical investigation into the myriad of ways in which worship can lure and intoxicate. This is a journey that HADEN and Anderson go on together, the guitar and vocals combined like the call and response of a guru and their congregation. Seductive and hypnotic, 'Devotional' is an intriguing new chapter in THE LORD’s exploration of heavy music.