LAMBRINI GIRLS 'You're Welcome' EP Cover
LAMBRINI GIRLS 'You're Welcome' 12" EP Brown vinyl
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LAMBRINI GIRLS 'You're Welcome'

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A long-time staple of the Brighton scene and now blasting off absolutely everywhere comes ferocious three-piece LAMBRINI GIRLS. Their bristling EP 'You’re Welcome' is a sonic barrage of raucous, shouty and high-octane punk fizzing with satire and vitriol that cements their place as an unmissable new prospect in 2023. Inspired by the likes of Savages, Le Tigre, The Spice Girls and unresolved trauma; not only do LAMBRINI GIRLS plan on setting your bin on fire — they want to create spaces at shows for anyone who feels like there isn’t a place for them there already. No one deserves to feel uncomfortable, no one deserves to feel invisible, start conversations with your mates, never let anyone stop you existing authentically and most importantly: Gays to the front.