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'Night Time' is the fifth studio album by English post-Punk band KILLING JOKE. It was released in March 1985. The album was an international hit, almost reaching the Top Ten in the United Kingdom. The album finds the band caught between their earlier aggression and a calmer, more immediately accessible approach. The tension between the two sides of KILLING JOKE struck a perfect balance on 'Night Time', and as a result, it is arguably the quartet's freshest album to date, with a warm, anthemic quality now supplementing the blasting, driving approach that made the band's name. The song "Eighties" is claimed to have been copied by Nirvana for their 1991 song "Come As You Are", primarily because the riffs of both songs are so similar. A lawsuit was issued against Nirvana by KILLING JOKE for appropriation of the riff. However, the same KILLING JOKE riff could also have been inspired by The Damned's 1982 song "Life Goes On".