KHANATE 'Things Viral' LP Cover
KHANATE 'Things Viral' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
KHANATE 'Things Viral' 2x12" LP White vinyl
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Khanate 'Things Viral'

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Sensing that defenses to their contagion were down, 'Things Viral' (2003) withdrew from any familiar or friendly shapes. On their second offering, the band decelerated to its own tempo, freezing the decay of the debut in a shocking and powerful stasis.

Pitchfork lauds, “Khanate have that skill for unfolding an action in such excruciating detail that you’re slowly edged off your seat... 'Things Viral' is extreme enough to appeal to people who don’t have any interest in metal; the members cross metal pedigrees with noise-drone-art-damage bands - from Burning Witch and Old, to Sunn 0))), to Blind Idiot God’s Tim Wyskida on drums. It’s committed but not overbearing, too resolute and unyielding to resist; it’ll grab your skull and hold you achingly still as it thrashes through the depths, then totally, quietly wears itself out.”