JOÃO VAIRINHOS 'Vénia' 12" EP Black vinyl
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JOÃO VAIRINHOS, founding member of Portugal's instrumental doom band Löbo and live musician of several Portuguese projects as Murais, Ricardo Remédio or Wildnorthe, released "Vala Comum" on every digital plataform on April 15th. This is the advance single and video clip from his first solo EP called 'Vénia'. The visual narrative created by Mariana Vilhena, based on the juxtaposition of the black and white film with a strong rhythmic feel, establishes a link between the intense and dark ambiance of the first part of the song and the soundtrack/cinematographic approach of the second part. The record was mixed and mastered by Pedro Barceló, and features Sérgio Prata Almeida (Don't Disturb My Circles) e Ricardo Remédio (Löbo, RA) on two tracks.