INNUMERABLE FORMS 'Philosophical Collapse' LP Cover
INNUMERABLE FORMS 'Philosophical Collapse' 12" LP Black vinyl
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INNUMERABLE FORMS 'Philosophical Collapse'

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The new album from cult death/doom metal outfit INNUMERABLE FORMS 'Philosophical Collapse', the follow-up to 2018’s 'Punishment In Flesh' is a pillar of death/doom enormity unparalleled. Helmed by founder Justin DeTore (aka DFJ), 'Philosophical Collapse' (which was produced by Arthur Rizk) emerges as INNUMERABLE FORMS’ most triumphant work as alongside DFJ (Dream Unending, Sumerlands), guitarists Chris Ulsh (Mammoth Grinder/Power Trip/Devil Master) and Jensen Ward (Iron Lung), drummer Connor Donnegan (Genocide Pact), and bassist Doug Cho deliver an opus that coalesces the old school Finnish death metal cult of the early ‘90s and the early ‘90s UK doom glory of Anathema/Paradise Lost.