HORN OF THE RHINO 'Summoning Deliverance' LP Cover
HORN OF THE RHINO 'Summoning Deliverance' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
Doomentia Records

HORN OF THE RHINO 'Summoning Deliverance'

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Once again, HORN OF THE RHINO and Doomentia Records are a pair that has come a long way together. Ever since their 2010 ‘Weight Of The Coronation’, ‘Summoning Deliverance’ is their fourth collaboration, including the re-release last year of 'Breed Of The Chosen' their very first proper recording originally issued as RHINO back in 2007. The trio might have entered their tenth year as a band but they’re still growing and this is, by far, their most adventurous and ambitious work yet. Here, their quite unique mix of sludge, grunge and thrash takes here a whole new dimension. Javier Galvez soulful voice may still be their biggest asset but on ‘Summoning Deliverance’, they’ve proving that although they’re still heavy-as-fuck, they’ve got any tricks up their sleeve. If sometimes they plow headstrong into the nearest wall, they also like to suggest in a very subtle yet menacing way that even darker clouds are ahead. He may not want to spill the beans too much about this ten songs set recorded last March at Koba studio but nevertheless, Javier describes this album as “conceptual” and an ode to misanthropy, with every tiny detail – from the sublime yet apocalyptic artwork by Nick Keller to the lyrics – working around it. So as advised by the man himself, it’s time to just “give in to that sonic maelstrom!”.