FKA TWIGS 'EP2' 12" EP Black vinyl
Young Turks


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Jawdropping and genuinely neo soul music from FKA TWIGS and stellar co-production talent, Arca. The A-side commits the liquid crystal 3D refractions of "How's That", with its aching vocal and polymetric swirl, beside new bit, "Papi Pacify" - a stunning piece of octave-vaulting vocals and crushing but snakily elusive drum weight from Arca - whilst the B-side makes physical the digital fantasia of the incredible "Water Me" - one of this year's best pop songs, bar none - and another exclusive stunner, "Ultraviolet" rending Ms FKA as an isolated digital siren swarmed by her inverse and alien reflections against a gyroscopic backdrop of quasi-speed magma beats and dynamically diffuse chords.