EARTH DRIVE 'Helix Nebula' LP Cover
EARTH DRIVE 'Helix Nebula' 12" LP Black vinyl
Raging Planet

EARTH DRIVE 'Helix Nebula'

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In the year in which they complete 13 years of existence, EARTH DRIVE releases 'Helix Nebula', defying the laws of gravity and the most superstitious. Active since 2007, they recorded their first demo 'Take it Down' in 2010, and three EPs between 2012 and 2015. The leap takes place in 2015 with the third EP 'Planet Mantra', and entry into the Raging Planet catalog, the independent publisher that has resisted for over 20 years the slogan “In Rock We Trust”. A case study in the Portuguese underground. Two years later they presented 'Stellar Drone0, the acclaimed debut album by the specialized press. In 2020, after a barrage of kilometers of road between the main festivals and famous rock clubs on the national circuit, EARTH DRIVE will continue its journey through the celestial sphere with the GPS pointed at NGC 7293, 700 light-years from Montijo, until to the address of the 'Helix Nebula'. Astronomy is a very old science. Humanity has always felt challenged by the appeal of the cosmosphere. Even Richard Branson switched from the music industry to devote himself to Virgin Galactic and space tourism.