DEATH BREATH 'Stinking Up The Night' LP Cover
DEATH BREATH 'Stinking Up The Night' 12" LP Black vinyl
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DEATH BREATH 'Stinking Up The Night'

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Inspired by the recent resurgence in the classic old-school death metal sound, Entombed/Nihilist founder and current Hellacopters front man Nicke Andersson has created DEATH BREATH, the ultimate tribute band to all that was rough, raw and wretched in extreme metal. Horn-raising death/thrash heroics beget spine-tingling solos as voices from beyond the grave narrate over a relentlessly bombastic battery! No triggers, no pro-tools, and no nonsense; DEATH BREATH's debut album, 'Stinking Up The Night' (featuring appearances from Jorgen Sandstrom of Grave and Scott Carlson of Repulsion), is the album that old-school Entombed and Repulsion fans have been begging for! DEATH BREATH comes ripping!