CULT OF LUNA 'Cult Of Luna' LP Cover
CULT OF LUNA 'Cult Of Luna' 2x12" LP Black vinyl

CULT OF LUNA 'Cult Of Luna'

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Originally released in 2001 on cult London Label, Rage of Achilles, CULT OF LUNA's crushing debut thrust them into the limelight and exposed their brand of apocalyptic noisecore to the masses. Taking their cues from bands such as Unsane and Neurosis, CULT OF LUNA add a few more dimensions to the sludgy bombast of the former bands. Adding a subtle element of melody and depth that not many bands of this ilk could muster up even if they joined forces and formed into one giant Noisecore Transformer. Following on from the long-overdue repress of CULT OF LUNA's 'Eternal Kingdom', Earache is delighted to be re-pressing the band's first two albums, bringing all five of their albums with Earache back on vinyl. With alternative artwork designed by guitarist Erik Olofsson.