CAVERNANCIA 'manto' Cassette Tape Cover
CAVERNANCIA 'manto' Cassette Tape Album Black
Regulator Records


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In just over half a year, CAVERNANCIA, the new project from Pedro Roque - photographer, musician, music lover and breaker of new paths for extreme music – already has many and well-deserved praise in his curriculum. Listening to 'em ciano', inaugural release with the Nariz Entupido label, landings and distant, deep, inhospitable landscapes were immediately foreseen – the transfiguration of the various everyday sounds used echoing the crossing of a boreal night flowing into a dreamlike luminescence, a prison in waking up Eternal; in March, Roque made available in digital format one of the presentation concerts of this release, at St. George's Church, in Lisbon, which not only confirmed this prediction but also enriched it disorientingly with new clues and coordinates: there we heard music of overlapping clouds, rain, thunder, lightning, storm, like a sound portrait of the extreme meteorological phenomena that we can expect in the end of the world. So we've reached 'manto' (second release of a year that will not stop here, taking into account the various ongoing collaborations and a frenetic pace of work), a single 35min piece, again on cassette, this time released via Regulator Records. The ecstatic wonder of a take-off welcomes us, the anticipation of transport, an open path to an infinite; but it is also the opposite movement that is affirmed – the dive is interior, and just like 'em ciano', the abundance of light quickly blinds, the body gives way, and it is night. The journey is, in fact, vertical, like an elevator that connects the Earth's core to outer space and is simultaneously at all levels in between. The mantle opens into emanations from a cave the size of the cosmos, the mysteries of science glimpsed in ephemeral reminiscence.