CARLA DAL FORNO 'Look Up Sharp' LP Cover
CARLA DAL FORNO 'Look Up Sharp' 12" LP Black vinyl
Kallista Records


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The London-based artist enters a new era in her peerless output pushing her dub-damaged DIY dispatches to the limits of flawless dream-pop. In a transformative move towards crystal clear vocals and sharpened production, 'Look Up Sharp' is an evolutionary leap from the thick fog and pastoral stillness of her Blackest Ever Black missives, 'You Know What It’s Like' (2016) and 'The Garden EP' (2017). Three years since her plain-speaking debut album, the Melbourne-via-Berlin artist finds herself absorbed in London’s sprawling mess. The small-town dreams and inertia that preoccupied dal Forno’s first album have dissolved into the chaotic city, its shifting identities, far-flung surroundings and blank faces. 'Look Up Sharp' is the story of this life in flux, longing for intimacy, falling short and embracing the unfamiliar. DAL FORNO connects with kindred spirits and finds refuge in darkened alleys, secret gardens and wherever else she dares to look. In her own territory between plaintive pop, folk and post-punk dal FORNO conjures the ghosts of AC Marias, Virginia Astley and Broadcast through her brushwork of art-damaged fx and spectral atmospheres. Conceived as a whole, 'Look Up Sharp' is a singular prism in which light, sound and concept bend at all angles. A deeply personal but infinitely relatable album its many surfaces are complex but authentic, enduring but imperfect, hard-edged but delicate. A diamond. Look up sharp or you’ll miss it.