BLACK WIZARDS, THE 'Reflections' LP Cover
BLACK WIZARDS, THE 'Reflections' 12" LP + 7" Black vinyl
Raging Planet

BLACK WIZARDS, THE 'Reflections'

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Born in the digital era THE BLACK WIZARDS are four analogic musicians that throw heavy and fuzzadelic tunes into the air: no bullshit, no gimmicks, just pure soul, emotion and lots of fuzz. They mix a wide range of 60’s and 70’s influences performed by Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Black Sabbath making a raw well-defined sound with lots of fuzz. They release their first EP 'Fuzzadelic' (2015) on a Friday 13 and it was very acclaimed by the critics. But, with 'Lake of Fire' (2015), BLACK WIZARDS enter the upper echelon of FFOBR bands (female-fronted, occult, blues, rock). Hard rock that seems right out of the seventies with searing leads and powerful bluesy vocals. The thump and swagger of Zeppelin, the grind of Sabbath and fuzz aplenty. This is one burning slab of gritty music made to weather-changing times and trends.