BLACK MIDI 'Schlagenheim' LP Cover
BLACK MIDI 'Schlagenheim' 12" LP Black vinyl
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BLACK MIDI 'Schlagenheim'

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Jazz scronk, cut and pasted to make civilised epics in a sea of frantic mayhem. Dan Carey of Speedy Wunderground produced 9 tracks for BLACK MIDI’s debut album. Singer/guitarist Georgie Greep, singer/guitars Matt Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin, singer/bassist Cameron Picton and drummer Morgan Simpson unleash a unique set of tunes. An emotional tidal wave. Scurries and flurries in a cascade of odysseys of intricate rhythms. Hurtling abrasive, brilliant strings with forceful melodies. Classical jazz folk guitar and sometimes almost operatic vocals. Like the highway of the world’s meeting place. Calm and storm and indefinable. An orchestrated cacophony like a computer has taken all the genres and given them a good spanking. Prog jazz metal psych rock opera all spinning in a mayhem of discordant madness.