BIKINI KILL 'Revolution Girl Style Now' LP Cover
BIKINI KILL 'Revolution Girl Style Now' 12" LP Black vinyl
Bikini Kill Records

BIKINI KILL 'Revolution Girl Style Now'

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BIKINI KILL is the infamously fierce, riot grrrl band featuring feminist punk pioneers Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, Billy Karren and Kathi Wilcox. BIKINI KILL's first collection of work, 'Revolution Girl Style Now', is now released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats for the first time via the band's own Bikini Kill Records. 'The Revolution Girl Style Now' reissue features three previously unreleased and mostly unheard tracks: "Ocean Song," "Just Once," and "Playground." These songs feature a decidedly more grunge sound than the rest of the BIKINI KILL catalog. Fun fact: the tape actually runs out as they're recording "Playground."